The mission of the Chronolink Foundation is to transform and improve the community of which it is a part

Welcome to the Chronolink Foundation!

“A society develops beautifully when the elderly plant trees under whose shade they know they will never sit,” says an old Greek proverb and it was one of my strong beliefs when I decided to establish the Chronolink Foundation, in Romania.

This non-governmental organization is the closest to my heart project and something I couldn’t have been happier to be a part of, especially when I am surrounded by such talented and good people.

We, at the Chronolink Foundation, are channeling our energy and efforts to support children within the autism spectrum disorders and, at the same time, their families.

We strive to offer them a better and safer future, while they strive to just adapt to our society’s expectations.

You are welcome to browse our website and to find out everything about us, our plans, dreams, and aspirations.

After all, we can only hope and trust that you will embark together with us on this incredibly fulfilling journey.

You are truly fulfilled when you learn to give.

Loucas M. Ellinas